Hello. Is it Pea you’re looking for?

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Mighty Pea has awarded its full marketing services contract to Brilliant Agency, ahead of its launch into Sainsbury’s.

The company, previously known as the Mighty Society, is relaunching its Mighty Pea products including Chocolate, Iced Latte and Banana & Oat drinks.

Brilliant first worked with the company on a successful crowdfunding campaign, which saw them reach their target in week one.

“From day one Brilliant knew exactly what we were after and used their experience and expertise to help us re-launch Mighty Pea! Working with them is easy and they have become an essential part of the Mighty family,” said Tom Watkins, Mighty Pea Co-Founder.

The Leeds agency will now focus on a consumer and trade media campaign, “Hello is it Pea you’re looking for,” which will run across social, video, influencers, print and merchandising.

“With a passionate team and a product that brings something new and exciting to the alternative milk market, we’re looking forward to helping Mighty Pea grow their business rapidly and take the brand further than they thought possible,” added Laurra Davis, Founder of Brilliant.

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