Intermarketing creates Trophy Tracker to keep Rugby League World Cup safe

Stephen Chapman's picture

As the Rugby League World Cup heads out on a global tour, Leeds’ Intermarketing has been brought in to prevent any mishaps.

Ahead of the 1970 tournament, the trophy was stolen from a Bradford hotel and wasn’t found until 1990, when it was recovered from a  ditch in Bingley.

The restored silverware, complete with a new cockerel, has been fitted with a GPS tracker, so that Intermarketing Agency can show its exact location at all times, in the run up to the 2021 tournament.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with the team at RLWC2021 and Hatch Communications to launch this innovative digital element to support the prestigious launch event. We’re looking forward to tracking the trophy around the country over the next two years in the lead up to what will be a brilliant tournament,” said Liam Grogan, director of digital at Intermarketing.

The Tracker uses an interactive live map, which includes photos of where its been.

"We're not taking any chances with the Cup and our new cockerel this time. We've incorporated a GPS tracker – a device we obviously didn't have in the 70s,” added Jon Dutton, chief executive of tournament organisers RLWC 2021.

“We may never know where the World Cup went during its two missing decades, but we will always know where it is now. Fans can too, by keeping a close eye on the tracking website."