Google Places agency wound up by Insolvency Service

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The Insolvency Agency has wound up a Manchester digital agency, which claimed to manage company profiles on Google Places.

Beyond Vision Media is the fourth in a group of connected companies, which has been shut down in the public interest.

The Insolvency Agency found that all 4 sold services which were “to little or no commercial benefit.”

The other 3 companies are On Line Platform Management Consultants Ltd, which was wound up in 2015; Movette Ltd in July 2017; and TBL (UK) Ltd, in August 2018.

The investigation into BVM started following complaints from customers, the Insolvency Service stated it was “was severely limited due to a lack of co-operation from those in control of BVM who failed to produce business documents.”

BVM didn’t submit evidence to the High Court, sitting in Manchester, nor did they attend the hearing.

“Beyond Vision Media Ltd continued an objectionable business model that used inappropriate methods of trading designed to extract money from businesses under false pretences,” said David Hope, chief investigator with the Insolvency Service.

“The Insolvency Service will take action to shut down such rogue businesses. Additionally, the business community should take steps to verify the credentials of any third party that contacts them claiming to be continuing the services previously provided by Movette Ltd and/or Beyond Vision Media Ltd.”

All 4 companies had been based in Manchester.