Digitl launches new website for Manchester's HMG Paints

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HMG Paints

Manchester eCommerce and marketplace agency Digitl has been appointed by HMG Paints to create, develop and launch a new website.

HMG Paints, which is also headquartered in Manchester, is the UK’s largest independent paint manufacturer.

Digitl was appointed to design and build a complete new website, including enhanced product and colour sections featuring visual swatches.

Stephen Dyson, Marketing Manager at HMG Paints, said: “We were really impressed with Digitl’s experience and we felt the team had the right mix of technical insight, creativity and market awareness.”

Darren Ratcliffe, founder of Digitl, added: “HMG Paints is a leader in its field so our focus is now on creating a platform that truly reflects its heritage but that also positions it for the future.”