Awin announces exclusive partnership with Manchester agency

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Global affiliate network, Awin, has announced that it will be using R.O.Eye’s platform, SingleView, in an exclusive partnership.

The Manchester agency’s system offers insights into customer journeys, to maximise conversion rates.

“The limitations of last click attribution are well discussed, but what is less understood are the pit falls of rushing to implement a model that still relies on subjective opinion,” explained Paul Stewart, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Awin.

“When looking for a strategic partner, here at Awin we were determined to find one that removed subjective opinion and let the data decide where value lies – this is exactly what the SingleView solution does.”

In R.O.Eye’s words, the services uses “purely data-led insights founded on the ‘Shapley game theory’ and adapted for real-life ecommerce environments, to give an unbiased and transparent conclusion, working out the value of every customer interaction regardless of the channel.”

“We have found Awin’s hunger to understand the true value of the affiliate channel overwhelming,” added Mark Kuhillow, Founder of R.O. EYE.

“Many affiliate networks only look at attribution across their own publishers. Awin’s desire to measure their value against all online activity will enable their clients to see the true value of the network alongside other marketing channels.”