Northern hyperlocal news outlets receive Facebook Covid-19 cash

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by Stephen Chapman

Fifty six European news operations have received cash from an emergency fund, set up to address “critical business needs” caused by the coronavirus.

They include the Saddleworth Independent which will receive €25k and Altrincham Today, which has been awarded €10k.

The Emergency Fund was set up by The European Journalist Centre (EJC) in partnership with the Facebook Journalism Project (FJP).

The money is to be used to help organisations:

cover the salaries of staff members;

bring in freelancers;

replace revenue from the making and distribution of printed publications or from donations / subscriptions / membership;

supplement or replace lost advertising revenue or revenue from complementary business activities, such as events;

and pay for rent, equipment and other technology essential to executing their work.

In total 988 organisations across Europe applied for the Fund.