BBC to air Inside Out special in tribute to Dianne Oxberry

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The BBC is to air a special edition of the current affairs programme Inside Out tonight in tribute to Dianne Oxberry.

The presenter died at Manchester’s Christie Hospital on Thursday January 10th, just a few weeks after being diagnosed with cancer.

This evening’s programme will illustrate how her journalism led to change and won awards. It will feature Oxberry’s last report for Inside Out, which revealed the financial pressure faced by Merseyside Mounted Police Section.

There is also a tribute from her former colleague and good friend Tony Livesey, who presented BBC Inside Out North West until Oxberry took over in September 2013.

He said: “For me she was a genuine celebrity in my eyes but for her, she was always just Dianne. Funny, honest and an absolute natural on camera.

“The thing about Dianne, she was so famous here in the North West that walking down the street with her was like being with royalty. But she never let it go to her head, she was as down to earth and the same off camera as on.

“For me, she was a wonderful friend, a wonderful colleague and as you know, someone who can always make you smile and that, in this world, is priceless great friend.”

Inside Out’s tribute to Dianne Oxberry is on at 7.30pm tonight on BBC One in the North West and on BBC iPlayer.

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