Stonesoup completes BBC Golf opening titles

Stephen Chapman's picture

Stonesoup VFX has won a commission to design the titles for the BBC’s coverage of major golf competitions for the next 4 years.

The first of these debuted last night during coverage of the Open at Carnoustie.

“We  loved  the  iconic BBC golf titles music and wanted to reflect that retro vibe in the look and feel of the Titles,” explained animation director, Sean  Cosgrave.

However, they also wanted to reflect a younger audience and create a fresh dynamic new look, while at the same time making it easy to amend for each golf tournament.

“That was the challenge with this one,” added Tina Harrison, art director at  Stonesoup VFX.

“To make them modern, slick and polished – but robust enough technically for anyone to update in the future. And we looked for inspiration in typeface based poster design from the 1970’s.”

The green, blue and yellow colours were chosen to reflect the courses’ grass, water and sand.