North East entrepreneurs build “revolutionary” royalty free music catalogue

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by Stephen Chapman

A collective of music producers and entrepreneurs in the North East have created FCP Audio, an online music library for royalty free music.

What makes it “revolutionary” is that it is the world’s only online music library to offer customisable genres of music for editing software, Final Cut Pro X.

Co-founders, Anthony Dow and Ryan Davidson believe it will help YouTubers and film editors access affordable music for productions.

“Our product is aimed at any user of Final Cut Pro X who need credible and affordable music. Better yet, music that they can build themselves, exactly how they want to, with no added complications” explained Davidson.

“We felt that other music providers do not presently offer authentic genre styles. Inspirational and uplifting music are the top sellers across the board. Sadly, it seems like most of the music out there falls under this bracket. We tried searching for Reggae, Soul, and Disco on some of the top sites and the results were surprisingly inaccurate representations of the styles and genres in question. This pushed us forward to create a range of more truthful tracks in our customisable 'SoundStack' format."

The company now has 9 staff, across music production, PR and marketing as they intend to reach a £1.5m turnover within 3 years.

“Our primary short-term objectives are to continue building and adding to our library of music and raise brand awareness amongst the Final Cut Pro X Community. Long term we would like to be the first choice for anyone who requires music for their video productions,” added Dow.

"We are currently working on a background music series which is being added to the site weekly. The studio is buzzing with new and contemporary ideas created by our experienced and talented team. Our library is being updated regularly with exciting new music, so stay tuned for future developments!”