BBC to launch Bitesize education programmes on CBBC

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by David Prior

The BBC has launched its education initiative, BBC Bitesize, on the CBBC channel.

Launching in April and running through to July, Bitesize Daily was the corporation's biggest ever push on education.

Now, it will launch on the CBBC channel with an hour of dedicated programming for primary school children every school day, starting from 9am.

Official figures from the Department for Education show that around 14% of children in England will not be returning from the half-term, and research has also shown that deprived areas have restricted access to the internet and devices.

Monday to Friday will see 3 x 20 minute episodes of BBC Bitesize Daily Primary air on CBBC aimed at 5-7, 7-9 and 9-11 year olds.

These episodes, aired earlier in the year, will cover either English, maths or science plus one other curriculum subject daily.

They'll be presented by regular presenters Karim Zeroual, Radzi Chinyanganya and Hayley Hassell.

Patricia Hidalgo-Reina, Director of BBC Children’s and Education said: “The BBC continues to support teachers and parents in educating children in the UK during challenging times. With so many children unable to attend school physically we are delighted to be able to bring Bitesize Daily to CBBC ensuring every child in the UK has access to curriculum based learning via their TV.”

BBC Bitesize Daily Primary is available from 9am, Monday to Friday on CBBC and BBC iPlayer, from today until December 11th.