Flipbook Studio score festive hit for Aldi with Kevin the Carrot

Stephen Chapman's picture

Flipbook Studio was appointed by McCann to create the digital content Aldi’s 2016 Christmas Campaign.

They animated, directed and produced the series of shorts, as well as a tongue- in-cheek one that poked fun at the launch of John Lewis’ Christmas Advert.

That saw Kevin the Carrot; unable to contain his excitement at the start of the department store’s festive advert, hyperventilate into a paper bag to save from passing out.


Flipbook was also responsible for the carrot design, as well as modeling for the casting characters.

The campaign has had incredible success online and on social media.

“It has been an honour to produce content for such a fabulous and iconic brand and continue our great working relationship with McCann UK,” commented agency founder, Andrew Lord.