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Luckily for you school leavers, making it big isn’t as difficult as it used to be… you no longer have to make it to Hollywood, you just simply need an intriguing personality and the right equipment and you are the new type of Celebrity, a VLOGGER.

Who is this job perfect for?

Camera confident people
Individuals who enjoy voicing their own opinions
People interested in developing good communication skills
People who are also interested in the technical side to Vlogging
Individuals who are interested in networking and developing an online community

Who are we looking for?

Nuttersons are looking for a bubbly, professional and a little bit nutty school leaver to vlog for us on youtube. We are providing the opportunity to gain a qualification through fun and rewarding experiences. Becoming a Vlogger here at Nuttersons will provide you with some exciting opportunities and responsibilities. We are looking for an individual who can exhibit our Nuttersons Values proudly.

What are our values?

Be courageous and stay true to your values
Be passionate, be patient, be persistent
Be a perfectionist, be driven by a meticulous attention to detail
Be assertive, be bold, be creative
Pursue growth through continuous development
Outwork and outlearn everyone else in the pursuit of your purpose
Listen to understand, speak to add value
Deliver happiness through awesome experiences
Embrace challenges, achieve anything
Realise goals and exceed expectations

Nuttersons believe in each and every one of their employees so therefore we will be delighted to provide you with a range of tasks. Don’t worry if you do not have relevant experience, you may be just right for the job!

What will this role involve?


As a vlogger we will provide you with a range of current and upcoming topics that you will then vlog about to our target audience of 18-25 year olds.

Topics such as:

Graphic design
Social media
And much more!

You will also represent us at events, handle expensive equipment, learn and progress with technical software, broadcast your opinions and grow as an individual. Most importantly you will gain essential workplace knowledge. Choosing this type of work will be more rewarding than any classroom.

Come on, ride the digital wave with Nuttersons and get first hand experience of the digital world, journalism, marketing and much more.

If this role sounds like a good fit for you apply now.

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