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Summary of Role

As a Search Strategist you are expected to be up-to-date with the SEO industry, both in terms of technical application and offsite factors, as well as the wider digital marketing industry. You will be responsible for developing clients’ SEO and digital marketing strategies and guiding the internal team during implementation.

You need to be proactive in supporting the client services team. This will include sharing best practice, spotting opportunities for clients to grow their online revenue through online marketing campaigns, and attending client meetings to explain complex problems as well as communicating


As well as supporting the client services team, you are expected to actively support the PR, Content and Insights teams to communicate and implement multidisciplinary client strategies.

Summary of primary duties and responsibilities

Client performance

Branded3’s mission is to be a trusted partner to our clients, offering expert insight and delivering exceptional results even in the most competitive of industries. Search Strategists are expected to drive forward this mission, ensuring that clients trust our expertise and ability to deliver results from SEO. As such, Search Strategists are responsible for:

– Spotting opportunities on and off site to improve performance in organic search results.
– Staying up-to-date with industry developments and algorithm changes, with a view of where Google will go next.
– In-depth technical analysis of site architecture and presenting a business case for changes.
– Analysis of client performance using Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Branded3 data.
– Communication of client performance to internal and external stakeholders.

Growing the business

Branded3 aims to help and support our clients by creating engaging and effective digital solutions that fuel business growth. You must strive to:

– Understand your clients’ businesses, their brands, and their customers.
– Monitor and understand your clients’ markets and their environments. You should have views on market issues and be up-to-date with competitive activity/potential new entrants.
– Have a good knowledge of your clients’ objectives and know the campaign results.
– Learn the best ways to reach your audience, what motivates them, and how to target the best prospects.
– Understand and be familiar with the stages and processes involved in developing and implementing SEO strategies.
– Be passionate about the agency’s product and always strive to produce ground-breaking work.
– Identify any opportunities to grow client accounts including and outside of areas directly related to SEO.
– Promote Branded3’s expert status and seek opportunities to share knowledge and skills.

Client Servicing

As a Search Strategist you will have some client-facing responsibility, and therefore should participate in internal and external client meetings.

-You need to develop an understanding of your client’s industry and business.
-You should support and participate in regular client meetings.
Ensure the sign-off of relevant documents intended to be presented to the client.
-Take responsibility for the executional detail of each job.
-Support and participate in monthly/quarterly client reviews.
-Ensure all reports are delivered to client services and are accurate and fit for purpose.

Financial management

You are responsible for the day-to-day efficiency of your work and as such should be able to plan your time and responsibilities effectively. You must:
Ensure that activity runs within estimates and is of the highest standard.
Keep up-to-date with timesheets and ensure any over-running work is communicated to the client services team or the project management team to ensure that the work can be properly budgeted or effectively resourced.

Key Attributes

-Good understanding of the Search landscape.
-Good understanding of ranking signals and implementation of natural strategies.
-Ability to work under pressure, analysing and resolving problems quickly and effectively.
-Good time management skills.
-Ability and willingness to learn new techniques and communicate these new ideas.
-Good communication skills with internal teams and external clients.
-Enthusiasm to promote Branded3’s expert status.
-Ambition to develop an industry expert status and help fuel business growth.
-Ability to demonstrate an understanding of each of the services offered by the agency.


-Good understanding of Microsoft Office, and Excel in particular.
-Good understanding of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools platforms.
-Experience using crawling tools.
-Experience with CMS platforms.

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