At HAVAS HEALTH SOFTWARE, we work on pioneering, global projects which utilise cutting edge technology. We push boundaries to ensure change in healthcare and we create bespoke solutions which are truly focused on patient needs – to do this, we operate as a product shop; this means source control, continuous integration with full TDD, dedicated testers and more – we take our work seriously. In 2014, we are looking to grow our award winning .Net Development Team and are therefore eager to hear from Developers of all levels; from Juniors, through to Technical Architects.

To provide some insight as to the nature of projects we create – take Care4Today. Care4Today is transforming the face of healthcare by providing a platform for open, two way communication; thereby connecting patients, their families and Health Care Professionals. Care4Today comprises solutions within three areas; Orthopaedic, Heart Health and Mental Health Solutions. Orthopaedic Solutions supports patients pre and post-surgery, for instance, by generating customised exercise regimes and tracking their progress; this information is then shared with their Heath Care Professional to ensure a seamless healthcare plan; essentially, we are facilitating a more effective and comfortable recovery for the patient. Heart Health and Mental Health Solutions are focused on adherence – by consolidating engaging educational information in line with approved, personalised classes, patients are fully informed as to their condition and can take long-term control over their treatment. Visit to read more about the life-changing tools we are creating.

In establishing such solutions, we need to be at the top of our game and in terms of technology, there are no limitations. We proactively seek and utilise the latest advancements and select the tool that is most suitable for the job; for the web stack, this means employing the latest versions of .Net (4.5+), Visual Studio 2012, and a mix of services and libraries, including MongoDB, NancyFX, RabbitMq and DurandalJS. NoSQL databases promote domain driven design and flexibility in our process and our use of Xamarin and Mono in mobile development is a serious move towards code re-use across mobile platforms. As for our development processes – we use an agile approach, encompassing iterative development, tangible and digital illustrations of user stories and daily stands ups.

In creating large-scale, bespoke solutions, we offer broad development exposure; delivered via team and project rotations within a dynamic and supportive culture – we undertake ad-hoc paired programming and proactively promote open communication, where knowledge sharing is paramount. We’re forward thinking and work to a true Software Engineering philosophy – we follow best practice principles and team this with the latest and upcoming tools to provide continual up-skilling and fresh challenges you can really take ownership of.

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