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We are looking for freelance VFX Artists with experience of in-game engines who at times will be required to work from either of our studios.

You will have to be able to adapt your knowledge both in commercial engines (e.g. Unity, UDK) and in proprietary engines.

– Working closely with Designers and Engineers to create handcrafted in-game visual effects to be used for real-time game assets and environments.
– Learn to use our client’s proprietary engines whenever is needed.
– Establish particle effects, post effects, and lighting effects.
– Technical setup, integration, and troubleshooting of VFX in a real-time game engine.
– Meet deadlines

– 3+ years of experience as a professional FX Artist for game development
– In-depth understanding of current computer graphics capabilities and limitations
– Able to paint special FX textures from scratch matching and established style
– Proficient with 3D graphics, particle systems, physics, ribbons, shaders, etc.
– Solid understanding of next-gen FX authoring process, limitations and dependencies

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