You might be a talented and creative digital designer – but are you a problem solver too? Can you demonstrate your process? Can you think things through and ask the questions no-one has thought of yet?

If so, there might be a role for you with Apadmi, the UK’s leading app developer. We’re based in Manchester, close to Media City.

We’re looking for people with a fantastic, varied portfolio to join our growing design team. Show us your work. All of it, not just the end result. Show us the working out, the sketches, the bad ideas that led you to the good.

At Apadmi, you’ll get to work on really great projects and help build some truly extraordinary mobile experiences.

Why would we hire you?
Because you have outstanding creative vision, genuine passion and enthusiasm for all things design. Your attention to detail is legendary. All around you, you see bad design – it’s like a disease. And you’re the cure.

You have a firm grasp of UX design principles and can demonstrate how you have turned vague requirements into beautifully crafted UIs using a variety of methods and tools, such as sketching, wireframing, low-fidelity prototyping and fully-designed interactive mockups.

You can work alongside developers with ease, teaching and learning in equal parts. You can chat to clients too, understanding their requirements and working with them to create something wonderful. All the while though, you are the user’s champion, making sure UX drives the solution to a problem.

Your colleagues all say you’re a real pleasure to work with and you can easily build rapport with teammates and clients alike. You’re friendly, an excellent communicator and can demonstrate a consistently high quality of work, even while under pressure. You’re proactive, self-disciplined and eager to be better at doing what you love – designing great UIs. One handed, while eating a burrito.

Above all, you use your skills to creatively communicate ideas, converting complexity into simplicity.

Why would you want to work at Apadmi?
Formed in 2009, Apadmi is the app company people love to work with (and for). We’re the UK’s leading mobile app developer, winner of Large Digital Agency of the Year 2016 at the Northern Digital Awards, App Developer of the Year 2014 at the Appsters and named a Top 10 Global App Developer in 2015 by Washington DC IT research firm, Clutch.

From the original BBC iPlayer Radio app to The Guardian Witness app, Apadmi has a track record of producing high profile, award-winning apps.

Known as the experts in mobile technology, we pride ourselves on our deep heritage within the mobile industry – our CEO and many of the existing team helped to develop the first smartphone back in 1998.

Since then, we have partnered with some the world’s most renowned and recognised brands, including the BBC, Argos, NHS, The X-Factor, The Guardian, BT, Lexus, Aviva, AstraZeneca, Jaguar Land Rover and EE.

At Apadmi, you’ll enjoy the friendly, relaxed environment where you can dress comfortably and work relatively flexible hours while eating free fruit and drinking posh coffee.

You’ll have the opportunity to unleash your creativity, share ideas with talented colleagues and be part of a team who can consistently deliver incredible work.

Following a UX-based approach to design, you’ll work closely with other designers, software consultants and developers to create digital solutions for many of the world’s most renowned companies.

We are committed to producing creative, innovative and robust solutions to complex problems. We’re the people companies want building their app. Our team are all top of their game – we’ll expect nothing less from you.

Specific boxes to tick
You must be able to showcase a strong and varied portfolio of visual design work, including UX design. Show us the lot, not just the public website. Show us more than one screen per project, at low-res and at a jaunty angle in an over-compressed PDF – you’re better than that.
You must be able to demonstrate a knowledge of mobile design principles and explain how it differs from web design.
You must have excellent Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator and InDesign skills. Those keyboard shortcuts are not going to learn themselves.
You must have experience of prototyping systems. There are many – pick one. Build something. Amaze us.

For more details or to apply, please contact:

Recruiters! We operate a strict PSL and do not accept candidates from other agencies. If you would like to be considered for our PSL please email us.

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