Culture & Trends Strategist

A bit about Join the Dots

Join the Dots is a global consumer insight agency with an ambition to be the best in the world at understanding people. To do that we need to be tapped into what’s going on in consumers’ lives around the world. Our goal is to be highly attuned to people’s changing needs and behaviours and most importantly, what’s driving that change.

We are a wider team of 140 across Manchester, New York and Singapore, helping clients to make better business decisions through a deep understanding of people.

We are looking for a Culture & Trends Strategist to deliver foresight that is grounded in human reality for leading consumer brands cross the globe.

The Culture & Trends team

The Culture and Trends team at Join the Dots are experts in taking emerging consumer trends and making them practically relevant to brands. We’re fortunate to have a window into the lives of thousands of consumers from across the world via our ongoing research communities, meaning we’re able to spot trends which emerge as needs in people’s lives. Our trend expertise coupled with our closeness to real consumers makes us ideally positioned to address the complex challenges arising in today’s world.

With our own Illume Network of experts across the globe and access to talented researchers, the team helps clients to understand people and their changing lives, wherever they are. Our unique Happiness Framework enables cross-cultural understanding based on people’s desire to satisfy basic human drivers and in particular the need to increase happiness.

The team are involved with both dedicated Culture & Trends projects and long-term community clients, from mapping changing global healthcare needs for GSK, to informing future strategy for Pepsico.

The Culture & Trends Strategist role

This is where the Culture & Trends Strategist comes in. You’ll be able to get beyond macro trends and global perspectives to connect trend indicators at a human, actionable level.

The role itself will range from mining cultural insights and identifying trend-led platforms for innovation, to deftly combining trends with primary research to deliver foresight that is grounded in human reality.

You’ll guide and shape the direction of projects for household brands in both UK and global markets. Leading the analysis, identification and development of insights from primary and secondary research to understand consumer behaviours and uncover the most valuable opportunities. You’ll find effective ways to approach each project, drawing from the fields of ethnography, semiotics and trend forecasting.

You will also be interviewing experts and leading-edge consumers and writing thought pieces on how a trend might impact a client business in the future.

You’ll join a rapidly growing team within a fast-growing business, working for leading consumer brands cross the globe.

The right person for the job

You’re a naturally curious person, with a desire to understand what drives people to live, behave and consume in the way they do.

You thrive working in a fast-paced team, delivering projects with national and global reach.

You will naturally be able to synthesise primary and secondary research, into structured insights and fresh thinking.

You’ll bring a breadth of knowledge and experience to complex client challenges.

You will also be comfortable developing ideas, presenting material to senior stakeholders, and conducting workshops.

Crucially you will be collaborative, proactive, creative and commercial.

You may have a background in creative strategy, innovation, planning, ethnography or cultural insights. Or perhaps you are an experienced market researcher looking for a change; we are open to a wide range of skills and experiences.