How do you represent visually the impact of a drug that is going to change someone’s life? How do you illustrate to a doctor the way in which this drug is going to target the cause of their patient’s disease? How do you offer support to a patient, or their carer? These are challenges that we face every day and they are challenges that are met through the application of fantastic ideas, excellent design and superb craftsmanship. We utilise the most relevant and appropriate media for the task in hand and we are not frightened to make suggestions to our clients based on what we believe to be the right creative response to their need.

We are looking for an additional Creative to join our team – you may currently think of yourself as a ‘Designer’ or an ‘Art Director’, but we’re open to the background of the Creatives who join us. The most important thing is that you’re able to utilise your talent to generate meaningful responses to the most challenging briefs. Through the experience that you have gained, we would hope that you have confidence taking a brief and working through the creative process, right the way through to presenting internally and to clients.

Are you able to get to grips with what your client is looking for? Are you able to ask the right questions? Are you confident enough to challenge the direction others are taking if you don’t think it’s the best solution for the audience? We’re looking for someone who understands and puts the needs of the end-user first; someone who can create a strategic campaign which is based on a big idea and who can put this across in a way that brings people together. We’re fortunate to work in a sector where our outputs make a real difference and we’re looking for individuals who are motivated to do the same.

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