Design Director

With our bold new ‘Chance Nothing’ agency proposition, we want to create ideas you can’t ignore. Ideas that are sparked by insight, developed with zero channel prejudice and delivered with skill and passion at every touchpoint. Brand positioning, digital, social, design, advertising, engagement … we do them all and more besides. Adapting to Client needs to connect them with their audiences in the most powerful and effective way possible. And we don’t do fluff… we make sure it works too. 

Measuring every idea against the investment made. Whether it’s increased sales, boosted click rates, spikes in brand awareness, column inches gained, greater advocacy or simply making customers feel more appreciated and that they belong. Because when we Chance Nothing, we can take on anything. Together we increase the chances of success. And we’ll create high performing brands that deliver brilliant results. 

Role Purpose

We need an amazing designer to lead and integrate all our agency’s visual design capabilities. Someone with a meticulous eye for detail and a real passion and flair for multi-disciplinary design. Adept at everything from pure graphic and technical design…. through to moving image, kinetic type, visual digital design and broadcast. 

Sitting on our Senior Team, you’ll have the opportunity to shape the ‘One Jaywing Design’ department and help build and integrate an amazing design team across three UK locations. You’ll then have the opportunity to lead dedicated digital creatives and multi-disciplinary teams on new business pitches as well as on our impressive National and International clients. Your drive, passion and dedication will help guide everyone to live and breathe our exciting new agency proposition.

Key Responsibilities

  • You’ll lead a team of multi-disciplinary designers across Leeds, Sheffield & Newbury
  • You’ll be responsible for the entire multi-disciplinary design output across all locations, and have the ability to set rituals & behaviours that will raise our design bar 
  • Over the years, you’ve built strong relationships with photographers, filmmakers and production houses. It’s important to see these relationships grow.
  • You’re passionate about pixel perfect design & staying abreast of both design trends and emerging technologies. 
  • You can turn adverse feedback into robust creative solutions, feeding back to the team and helping to revise content and presentations. 
  • You’re meticulous… ensuring that all design work is on brand tonally, visually and of the best quality. 

Skills Required

  • Brilliant designer & design eye – you’ll lead from the front, helping to set the bar for your multi-disciplinary team and know where to raise it. Your Portfolio spans multi-channel design across: Press, Outdoor, TV, brand, animation, digital engagement & social content
  • Championing Best in Class design - experience in managing large TV & photography shoots, technical & graphic design and moving image in the UK & Europe
  • A Relationship Builder – you’ve built a proven reputation for strong relationships with clients, inspiring and exciting them about our design work and our delivery on their brand promise
  • Excellent leadership qualities – with your Solid TTL ad agency or design agency experience you’ll be a highly effective leader of people and can give examples of clients, brands and teams you’ve grown  
  • A brilliant collaborator – you’re a great team player and know how to work collaboratively with other areas to create better work. Your understanding and appreciation for fully-integrated marketing means you add real value to projects
  • A strategic problem solver – you’ll help set the creative vision and drive strategies through the entire creative and development process
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