Tim Coulston

Tim is a visionary in the hospitality industry with a wealth of expertise across the accommodation, food, beverage, and customer experience sectors. Specialising in business strategy, sales development and digital marketing, Tim identifies opportunities to drive additional revenue to companies and clients.

His passion for hospitality began during college whilst working with Marriott Hotels & Resorts, since then he has progressed through various senior management and director roles within the industry, gaining vast experience in effective methods of building and scaling hospitality businesses.

Tim’s works with restaurants, bars and hotels providing a range of services, from strategic sales development to the latest creative and digital marketing distribution, enabling clients to attract and engage consumers, pioneer future trends and capture market share.

Having graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University, Tim is an ambassador for the university and offers employment opportunities and mentoring support to students, he is also a frequent speaker at the Hospitality and Business Schools. 

In 2017 Tim became an ambassador for Forever Manchester, a charity that raises money to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester, he is also a keen supporter of Foodinate, a social enterprise tackling food poverty in the U.K.

Tim has featured for various media channels & publications and speaks at industry events bringing insight on topical subjects ranging from technology and innovation within the hospitality sector, to business development, digital distribution and corporate strategy; he hopes to inspire change in industry methods and behaviours that are fast becoming obsolete as technology advances and markets are disrupted.