Ted Parry

I have over 5 years experience in digital advertising working on small startups to enterprise level brands.

My core offering lies in helping businesses reach their audience profitably via PPC, Google Shopping, Paid Social and Remarketing.

Initially starting out in SEO at a reputable agency in Manchester (Code Computer Love), my love for PPC soon took over. This compelled me to get a job at Kitbag where I was soon given the responsibility to manage the US and Australian digital advertising activity. After that I moved to JD Williams who had budgets of over £3 million a year, here I looked after the paid search, affiliate and display channels. Since that I have been freelance and helping businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve ROI online.

What can I help with?


This involves keyword research on Google to see what your potential users are searching for, how much each click is likely to cost and how many new sales/leads would be realistic each month. This is the foundation of any successful strategy, and enables a realistic plan and vision to take place before the account is setup.


If digital advertising activity is already in place and maybe not working to the desired effect, then I can assist with pinpointing the areas which need improvement. This includes looking at areas such as:

  • Campaign Structure
  • Keyword Targeting & Bids
  • Ad Copy Effectiveness
  • Landing Page Relevance and many more ...

After the account has been reviewed or research has been undertaken, the next step is to build the account or re-structure it. The accounts (whether Facebook ads or Google ads) need to be clean, easy to manage and easy to scale. The campaigns will be setup around core themes with a large focus on the most profitable segments.


Once the accounts are setup the next phase is to manage that activity and ensure it's bringing in leads/sales in a cost-efficient way. Once the cost per acquisition has come down after around 3 months of testing, the aim to continually improve this and ensure this performance is maintained, this is done by:

  • Keyword Bid Optimisations
  • Budget Optimisation
  • Ad Copy Testing
  • Device Performance Reviews
  • Ad Schedule Reviews
  • Search Term Checks

If you would like to improve your PPC or Paid Social performance, do get in touch today:

Email - ted@amoredigital.co.uk

Website - Amoredigital.co.uk

Number - 07504929580