James Dann

I'm James Dann, a writer and film maker. I've just finished a contract with the BBC in which I was an Assistant Producer on Tomorrow's World. 

I currently work part time for Google / YouTube as a Director OnSite. For this I write, film and edit content for YouTube clients and buisness channels. I have a strong background in documentary production - my largest one being '2nd Amendment' a documentary on gun control in the USA which screened at Genesis Cinema and Hackney Picturehouse. As well as this i'm also a strong writer / director, running a web series entitled 'Chicago Rice' as well as currently in post production for my largest short film 'The C Word' I've also worked in TV Development with Banyak Films and Blue Door inc. I'm well versed in social content and specialise in creating short form videos for brands as well as for personal projects and artistic expresison. 

Above all my experience - the main thing which keeps me going is my passion for the industry! I look forward to working with you.

Apart from filming I love travelling, stand up comedy and just generally being a human person. I enjoy trecking, going on adventures and attempting to learn as much as I can. Even though that all sounds exciting, I also love sitting in my slippers and having a nice bowl of tomato soup with a good book. Very rock and roll.