Dan Bell

Foss Digital is based on a foundation of marketing and business experience which means that we understand your company from both a marketing perspective but just as importantly a business perspective and the impact any marketing activity has on it.

The experience we have we in the agency was originally built from working within the leisure and tourism industry with the management of tenpin bowling centres and bars, with an annual turnover in excess of £2 million pounds.  The responsibility of running these type of facilities meant that a grounded approach to business was built over time and allows us to fully understand the requirements for your business.

Upon leaving the leisure and tourism business, we have built up experience and specialised in digital marketing for the past 8 years and witnessed the growth of the industry.  Having headed up Search teams in numerous agencies including most recently Mediacom, Big Brand Ideas & e3creative, we have worked in different industries and niches including full digital marketing strategies across B2B and B2C.