Colin Oakes

Having successfully completing a suitable advertising design course I was fortunate enough to find a job as a visualiser for a small advertising agency in Bollington, back in the days when we used Marker Pens and real paper ... all seems very quaint by todays standards.

This was great experience and launched me onto my career ladder, becoming an Art Director, Senior Art Director and eventually Creative Director for a small design company. As technology progressed, it became vital to embrace the Mac as the primary creative tool for any creative role and of course led to the progression into the world of artwork, retouching and illustration using the Adobe CC suite.

A constant interest in the creative process has led to the exploration of new skill sets in 3D design and image rendering, initially for exhibition and product work visualisation work, but with the aim to add motion graphics into the mix in the near future. 3D design is becoming more prevalent accross the board as a natural progression from traditional graphic design applications for events and on line content. Production music composition is also an addition to the mix in support of future online motion grahics and video content.

Much of my work to date has been in B2B across a wide range of sectors, including scientific, food sciences, engineering and automotive but also venturing into retail, display and product brand development.

Selected samples of work can be provided on request.