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Simon Wilkinson, CEO of global software services provider Mobica, examines how an agile approach from tech firms can be used to adapt and survive the coronavirus pandemic.

As the country entered lockdown, a significant number of people emptied the shelves in shops around the country. Stockpiling made headlines as people tried to get ready for the long haul.

Jessica Jackson, Investment Director at GC Angels, discusses how EdTech is innovating through COVID-19.

An expert in fake news, Reece Jackson has worked with government departments from the Home Office to the Cabinet to understand how it spreads online

Last week, a video started popping up across LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram that was putting a smile on people's faces during this difficult time.

Gareth Peterson, Managing Director at Caroo, shares what a week is like in his working life.

Philip Bennison, Technical Director, explains the methods his company has struck upon to ensure home working is productive, successful and positive - so we can implement the same recommendations for the lockdown period.

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic drastically continues to change the world, Now Healthcare Group is a real example of how some sectors need technology.

Training and personal development is getting a vast range of people through our current crisis - and with any luck, we’ll all come out the other side with more skills and capabilities than before.

Brands face the same challenges as consumers and creatives: to care or not to care. Those that fail to navigate the moral maze will become extinct. But can global brands have a heart, asks Richard Pay, Creative Lead at Uniform.


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