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Tombola is an online bingo platform with thousands of daily users. We're having a closer look at where they work in Sunderland.

Dean Sadler, TribePad

Dean Sadler travelled the globe and worked as a bus driver. He then started a PhD in computing, before joining a startup called Plusnet.


Tens of thousands of British students choose to study abroad, with 28,000 doing so in 2013/14. It's a defining and unforgettable part of many students' university experiences.

Jay Rozanski of oXyFire Media has been working behind the scenes at Manchester International Festival to deliver big screen, broadcast and livestreaming content

The Bright Building is one of the most attractive buildings in the north, located in the heart of Manchester Science Park.

Wyn Jones is the Creative Director of Design Reality, a product design consultancy based in North Wales

Ciara Keeling, Bruntwood Works

Ciara - who has worked at Bruntwood for over 13 years - directs a major office portfolio across the Midlands and the North.


Finstant promises a new way to see the future.

Laura Busson is Senior Executive Producer of the show broadcasting live from Manchester on weekday mornings, and we found out what her week was like in the run up to launch day.

Andrew Trotman, It's Gone Viral

Andrew Trotman, Director of It's Gone Viral, discusses the intimate link between social media and mental health - and how the platforms need to take even more action to inspire social change, and be a force for positivity.


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