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The marketing services recruitment agency Pitch is ten years old this summer and Rebecca Thomas, head of the Northern operation , has dug back into the agency’s records (and invoices) and run her ruler over the changes that have taken place over the decade.

Imactivate founder Tom Forth says there is only one destination if Channel 4 has to move from London - Manchester.

Paul Cooper, group managing director of MediaCom North, looks at the effect of Brexit one year on, and how brands can respond in this changing consumer landscape.

The core skills in public relations should be insight and planning, that's the view of Phil Reed, managing director at Aberfield Communications.

When a top football manager apologises publicly for an inappropriate comment to a reporter it creates a bit of a stir.

As the West Yorkshire city marks Leeds Business Week, Chris Broadbent, managing director of MediaCom Leeds, takes a look at the fabric of the region’s business world for Prolific North.

When I started off as a local government press officer in east Lancashire, the Accrington Observer had six reporters who were each dispatched to cover the council’s various meetings. Now the paper doesn’t even have an office in the town, writes Kevin Meagher, communications consultant, political blogger and former editor of Postcode Gazette.

As consumers we’ve been segmented, profiled, prodded, poked and questioned by brands and marketers in an effort to find new ways to inch us ever closer to the point of purchase, writes Tim Downs, director at Aberfield Communications.

But there is one group that, until now, has remained steadfastly stuck in their stereotype and largely on the back burner when it comes to targeted marketing – Dads.

Keyword-stuffed content, cloaking and bought links refer to just a few of the many traditional search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics that once helped some website owners to drive their sites up to the strongest, most profitable positions on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

Ahead of this evening’s Tonight documentary, ‘The Rise of Discount Supermarkets’ (ITV1, 8:00pm), Tim Downs, director at Aberfield Communications looks at some of the factors that allowed the discounters to gain a foot hold in the UK and why he thinks the ‘Big Four’ only have themselves to blame.


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