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Jonathon Clark

Jonathon Clark, Business and Technology Manager at Activate - a Liverpool-based part-ERDF funded business support and funding programme - explains why Liverpool City Region’s burgeoning tech scene is set to boom in 2020 and beyond.

Matthew Williams, Quba

Quba's Owner and MD, Matthew Williams, is optimistic about this coming year. Reflecting on what went well in 2019, he explains that collaboration between specialists is much more important than being a Jack-of-all-trades.

Jonathon Clark

Trust in new technologies is at an all-time low, which poses a problem for tech startups wanting to market new ideas. But there’s something start-ups can do to tackle a lack of understanding and build trust, says Activate’s Jonathon Clark.

Rodney Laws, the Editor of Ecommerce Platforms, speaks about how every company should consider incorporating a remote working strategy...

The Wunderman Thompson Duracell team share their thoughts on why mascots are still a good option for brands...

John Higginson

John Higginson - CEO of Higginson Strategy, which works with organisations and individuals in the business of doing good - says we should stop perpetuating the notion of a North-South divide, and work together to tackle any inequalities and splits that continue to exist.

Jason Whitworth, Corporate Finance Partner at BDO, goes into detail about recent data the firm collected about the global and regional MarTech market, and what this means in the grand scheme of things.

Jade Evans, Senior Account Manager at Media Agency Group, breaks down the secret ingredients to a successful Christmas advert...

Beatriz Gonzalez, Senior Paid Media Manager at Media Agency Group, shares some advice on how to make the most of this year's Black Friday consumer frenzy...

Dave Nutter, Perfect Storm

Dave Nutter, Director of Leeds' Perfect Storm, says flexible working is redefining what the future of creative looks like - and traditional agencies need to work hard to keep up. It benefits workers, clients and agencies; and it's time to embrace the freelance revolution.


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