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Katie Gallagher, Manchester Digital

Katie Gallagher, Managing Director of Manchester Digital, stresses the need for collaboration, diversity, and connecting industry to education, in plugging Greater Manchester’s widening digital skills gap.

B2B brands must remember that emotions drive loyalty, writes Nick Hague, head of growth at B2B International.

Applying the principles of ‘customer-first thinking’ casts light on the strengths and weaknesses of the Leave campaign, and offers some direction for businesses, says Ged Leigh of The Marketing Centre

Joe Chetcuti

Joe Chetcuti, director of design, digital and branding agency Front, questions our love affair with insights.

Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith is PPC Manager at Glowworm Digital, paid search specialists. She shares the two-way benefits allowing staff to work flexibly can have - and that it's not just for parents. After all, she argues, a relaxed and comfortable employee is a more productive one.

Keith Austin, CEO of Event Marketing Solutions (EMS), describes how face-to-face engagement with customers, fans and consumers is still the best way to grow any business – including one as enormous as Manchester United.

Alex Bassett

Alex Bassett, director and lead technical consultant for many of the worlds major broadcasters, takes a look at whether automation really is the silver bullet people are looking for.

Refinery Group's Head of Strategy Alex Ashby talks about technological changes to content consumption, his obsession with Netlfix's Bandersnatch and what media channels need to do to live forever.

Jonathan McNamara, co-founder and CEO of digital consultancy RetroFuzz discusses the trends most likely to impact the industry in 2019.

Digital stress is now ‘a thing’ according to health specialists; and technology’s relationship with stress is a key theme– highlighting how consumer’s digital experiences could actually be stressing them out.


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