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Executive Creative Director at Intermarketing, Simon Long, explains why brands need to think longer, not bigger.

With rumours swirling about a new political appointment to be Chair of the BBC, a battle might be about to begin for the organisation's soul.

Most proactive businesses began 2020 with a vision of the future and a strategy designed to enable them to compete effectively in that world, writes Steve McCarron Co-Founder and Strategy Director of The Planning Department.

As we move into the post-lockdown phase, these visions and strategies need to be reviewed. This is because many of the underlying customer behaviours and attitudes underpinning those strategies have changed.

The COVID crisis has had a disruptive effect across the healthcare communication industry writes Karen Winterhalter Managing Director of Onyx Health.

The global pandemic has meant that nearly every organisation will have reevaluated priorities as they respond to an incredible level of change, writes David Tuck, MD at Kin + Carta Create.

Jonathan Leafe grew Hull-based Strawberry into a £2m-turnover agency with 40 staff until his exit three years ago. He now runs his own consultancy advising other agencies.

Ian Birkett, Creative Director at Corporate Culture, explores what creative teams can take from behavioural science to better understand how people think, and use it to improve their design.

Jamie Hinton, CEO and Co-founder of technology consultancy Razor, explores Sheffield's sharp growth in tech.

Stephen Knight, Founder of Pimento - the national agency network - takes a look at the challenges currently facing marketing and communications, and explains amid the confusion what people really want from their agencies.

Third-party cookies will soon be no more, but is this really the end of days for digital marketing? MiQ's Product Director - Media and Data, Tom Richards, explores the new cookie-less world.


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