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Essity's Communications Manager for UK and ROI, Gareth Lucy, shares some insight on what a 'meaningful' brand actually is in today's marketing landscape...

Joe Chetcuti, Front

Joe Chetcuti, director of creative agency Front, asks the age-old question.

Last week the BBC controversially announced that it would be introducing means-testing on free TV licences for the over-75s, meaning that more than three million households will have to start paying for their licence. Here Clare Sumner, the corporation's Director, Policy, defends that decision.

The F5 Presentations Founder talks further on why outsourcing presentation work is something businesses should definitely consider...

Anna Dalziel, Director of Brand, UK & Global at Momentum Worldwide shares her thoughts on diversity in the workplace.

In Prolific North's Top 50 Digital Agencies list for 2019, a total of 12 agencies are Leeds-based. Six of those were in the top 10.

Stephanie Burras CBE, Chief Executive of Ahead Partnership, talks about why a higher proportion of women in the sector is not just preferable, it's essential.

Greg Felgate, Partner and Director at Finn Communications talks on how agencies will be affected by changing relationships with clients.

Steve Thompson, Forward Role

Steve Thompson, Managing Director of Forward Role - leading digital and marketing recruitment firm - shares his counterintuitive view of procrastination. Done right, it won't hold you back, but can actually propel you forward.

Katie Gallagher, Manchester Digital

Katie Gallagher, Managing Director of Manchester Digital, stresses the need for collaboration, diversity, and connecting industry to education, in plugging Greater Manchester’s widening digital skills gap.


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