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Social Chain's Head of Social Content, Stefan Evans, shares his thoughts on some of the major misconceptions regarding the use of video on social channels...

Phil Morgan, HardSoft

Phil Morgan is Co-founder of HardSoft Computers, the UK's leading flexible computer leasing business. He explains the change and development of the workplace and workforce, and why the traditional purchase model needs to be re-evaluated.

Isabel Hughes, SalesOptimize

Isabel Hughes, Marketing Manager at SalesOptimize, presents recent research on the state of eCommerce in the UK. With Brexit on its way, and the possibility of no-deal credible, retailers are at risk across the board.

Leigh Tymms

Leigh Tymms, Strategy and Planning Director at marketing communications agency Clarity, rejects the notion that being first to market necessarily means you'll lead the way. Instead, brands should focus on observing and managing trends, and making sure they're always adapting.

Chris Kenna, Brand Advance

This year, Christopher Kenna, CEO and Co-founder of Brand Advance, was shortisted for Entrepreneur of Excellence at the National Diversity Awards, hosted in the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.

With the sad news about Thomas Cook hitting the headlines this week, and our relationship with Europe as rocky as ever, it feels like dark times for the travel industry. But that makes it more important than ever to turn these threats around and consider how best to future-proof tourism products, writes Ian Thomas of NGI Solutions.

Don't be the next Blockbuster

Matthew Soakell is the Senior PPC Trainer at specialist PPC management agency Mabo. He explains how PPC advertisers can stay ahead of the curve and avoid falling into complacent thinking, like a certain film rental company.

Sophie Morgan, HardSoft

Sophie Morgan is Head of Devices for Teams, HardSoft’s flexible DaaS solution for Apple and Windows devices. She explains how subscription and flexibility can enable your business to grow and improve your balance sheet.

Sonny Waheed, Vexed Gaming Co-director

If you’re trying to target anyone under the age of 35 and you haven’t got and eSports strategy, then you’re wasting about 75% of your marketing spend, says Sonny Waheed, Co-director of Manchester eSports Team Vexed Gaming.

Is age really a non-issue? Lucy Boland is Agency Director at Accord Marketing, which focuses on responsible, respectful and authentic brilliantly joined-up marketing. She discusses how brands can do more to speak to all ages in their marketing activities.


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