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Oh to have been a fly on the wall as Google’s executive chairman George Schmidt met David Cameron yesterday. The astonishing events of the past few weeks surrounding the search behemoth’s tax bill have served to make the Prime Minister and Parliament look pathetic and weak and Google mighty and arrogant.

Google seem quite severely intent on refining their services - following their recent 'spring clean' which saw the termination of Google Reader, the media giant has quietly updated its Policy Change Log regarding advertising regulations, which will have an impact on anyone promoting their business through Google, writes John Kehoe, managing director of Media Agency Group.

Real time marketing, the practise of hijacking high profile events with relevant content, is making waves, with brands like Oreo reaping the benefits from creative content at the Super Bowl and Daytona 500, writes Alex Craven, chief executive of Bloom.

Oreo’s timely intervention during the power cut at the Super Bowl, when it tweeted "You can still dunk in the dark", generated more than 16,000 retweets and over 6,100 favourites on Twitter, showed that real-time marketing can deliver big results.

The modern newspaper editor’s dilemmas are many. In a metropolis the size of London for example you would expect the 13 million citizens to support a paid-for evening title. It doesn’t. Paid for circulations are inexorably shrinking, writes Mark Dickinson, former editor-in-chief of Trinity Mirror North West and of the Midlands.

The Manchester Evening News has announced that a revamp of its website is soon to be launched, not normally the sort of thing to trigger an online protest to the news desk and complaints across social media so what's going on? The MEN's first online editor Sarah Hartley offers an explanation.

I’ve been in communication agencies all my working life, in fact I’ve just set up a new one so it may seem a little odd to suggest that the model is at risk, but it is. It’s not just the agency...


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