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In the absence of Goverment guidelines dictating whether employees need to work from home or not, how will agencies make their own decisions on whether to stay away from the office or not?

Liam McNally, Head of Agency, Sales Growth Division at Golley Slater, explains why brands should dare to try an out-of-the-box approach by finding the right agency partner and ensuring growth.

From people and property to businesses and infrastructure, CDS Managing Director Mark Gair explains why it's time to look at where you can innovate.

Aisling Conlon, Marketing Manager at UKAEG, discusses why the future of UK Advertising will continue globally.

Plans were recently revealed for Therme Manchester, a £250m wellbeing resort opening in Trafford City in 2023. Last year Therme appointed Duncan Newbury as VP of Brand Strategy and Marketing Director. He explains how the company plans to market a brand new concept to the UK post-pandemic.

Matt Hicks, Head of Strategy and Content at B2B agency Lesniak Swann, explains how to reach disparate audiences and the importance of having a 'centre of gravity' for brand messaging that goes beyond top-level positioning.

Andrew Kirkcaldy

Andrew Kirkcaldy, Co-Founder at By Gamers for Gamers, explores the opportunities thrown up by the BBC's recent decision to move a large portion of its programming and production activities to the North of England.

Laurence Cresswell, Paid Media Product Manager at Summit Media, challenges the notion that Facebook is the 'one stop shop' to success in paid social - based off the findings of the company's recent 'Voice of the Customer' survey.

Many retailers are planning a digital transformation in 2021, as COVID-19 pushes shops to shift their focus to eCommerce. Visualsoft's Partners Director explores what part agencies play in this.


Trish Tothova, Marketing & Sales Manager at Enjoy Digital share her insights on the Ecommerce landscape and how this year will earmark a bigger shift to online marketplaces.


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