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Laura Burgess, The Armstrong Partnership

Employers need to understand the variety of ways they can support entry-level talent, says Laura Burgess, Commercial Director at The Armstrong Partnership.

Megan Packer, Connective3

Megan Packer of Connective3 offers six tips for those entering the digital industry based on her experiences.

Kai Ojo

Kai Ojo, Managing Director of Planisware UK, says that tech leaders can and should ensure innovation becomes a force for good - through the impact of their actions.

Laura Moulden, Senior Planner at The&Partnership , says things have changed for brand planners - it’s no longer simple to be single-minded.

Tom Hatton

Tom Hatton, Managing Director of Manchester at programmatic marketing specialist MiQ, explores how the divisions between regions can be addressed - and how the gap between North and South can be closed for good.

Tom Renn, MD of Bruntwood SciTech - the UK property provider dedicated to the growth of the science and technology sector - looks at how the North of England is leading the way in creating a more diverse tech sector.

Martha Moore, account manager at Manifest , challenges the notion that marketers need to put themselves in one creative box to succeed in a noisy market.

Not putting the effort into social media is a huge missed opportunity for B2B organisations, says Alex Swann of Lesniak Swann.

Rosa Mitchell

There’s no need to be pessimistic about dry-seeming brands, thinking smarter is the key, says Rosa Mitchell.

Tim Donald, Creative Race

Tim Donald, Executive Creative Director at integrated agency CreativeRace , gives his take on the buzzwords too often heard in the marketing and advertising sectors.


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