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Many retailers are planning a digital transformation in 2021, as COVID-19 pushes shops to shift their focus to eCommerce. Visualsoft's Partners Director explores what part agencies play in this.


Trish Tothova, Marketing & Sales Manager at Enjoy Digital share her insights on the Ecommerce landscape and how this year will earmark a bigger shift to online marketplaces.

Josh Walshaw, Developer & Backend Manager at 6B, has shared the top five tech trends he expects to see throughout 2021 - from the enthusiasm for mobile-first solutions through to new digital innovations.

Richard Alvin, Group MD at Capital Business Media, explains why data remains so important - and why reports of its redundancy are greatly exaggerated.

Jonathan Moran

Jonathan Moran, Director at Better Placed Tech, explores the merits and best approaches to remotely onboard new junior tech appointments.

Karl Doran, Founder of Flow Creative - which recently created the new animated Children in Need TV campaign, the charity's first - explores why animation is so important, and has only become more relevant and useful following the COVID crisis.

It used to be one of the highlights of my year. Come November, we’d gather round, load up the Christmas ads, and spend a lovely half hour merrily ripping them to affectionate shreds, writes Imogen Tazzyman, Executive Creative Director at McCann Manchester.

Guy Jackson, Vice President at Teads Manchester, explores how the Scottish Government managed to handle public messaging effectively during the pandemic, using emerging technology to remain agile, inform citizens, and personalise communications.

Phil Storey, founder of WordPress website maintenance solution Glow, explains how to make the most of a website, and why you have to treat it like a conversation with users.

MiQ's Freddie Turner, Director of Strategy UK and Ivor McLaren, Senior Solutions Engineer, explore the new-found ways that marketers can use programmatic advertising in gaming and make the most of recent console releases.


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