My Take On

It goes without saying that the North of England and Scotland has some of the best business minds in the world. Find out what some of the best and most respected entrepreneurs, creatives, and business people have to say in our My Take series.

Sunny Deo, Creative Director at Access, explains the one key lesson he has brought home after years working in Dubai and Singapore.

Amy Hopkinson, Associate Director of the Corporate team at Weber Shandwick, asks what next for the newly elected mayors of Manchester and Liverpool.

Danny Turnbull, managing director of Stein IAS (EMEA), sounds a rallying cry for a new era of marketing.

Daisy Barnes, Allied London's head of PR and content, has called time on the word 'networking' from all of her company's communications and enterprise events. Here she explains why...

Audiences are more alert than ever to the disingenuous PR opportunity, says Weber Shandwick Manchester managing director Heather Blundell.

Are France ahead of the curve with their new ‘Right To Disconnect’ legislation around work life balance? Yes, says Toast PR’s managing director, Julia Mitchell.

As a fully signed up...

Are AMPs and eCommerce compatible? Not yet, says PushON’s Simon Wharton.

This week Anthony Wong, marketing director of comparison site, on why financial service brands should use social media to make themselves more human.

This week Mark Appleton, managing director of The Agency Advantage, outlines his seven deadly sins for every digital agency to be aware of.

This week James O'Connell, Deputy Creative Director at Creative Spark , says the best agencies appreciate that a rebrand is a business critical job.


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