My Take On

It goes without saying that the North of England and Scotland has some of the best business minds in the world. Find out what some of the best and most respected entrepreneurs, creatives, and business people have to say in our My Take series.

Whether it’s shedding an outdated image, taking your company into the next phase of growth, or as in managed IT services and cloud hosting provider SysGroup’s case, a combination of both - re-branding is never easy.

This week's My Take On is from Ben Ducker, creative director at Rascal Leeds.

Toby Walker, managing director of Workshop Marketing, on why in the rush to get GDPR-ready, many people are overlooking another key piece of email marketing legislation

Robert Parker

Robert Parker, founder and managing director of fitness company Roar Ambition, explains why we need to rethink our approach to SEO.

Rob Dobson

Rob Dobson, founder of Stockport creative agency Northern Comfort, gives his take on business growth.

When I left full-time employment in a national marketing agency to become freelance in 2010, people were surprised – and those a little closer to home were trying to hide their concern.

Digital marketing agencies need to find their core

Martyna Karpinska, analyst at Leeds agency Journey Further, on her "enlightening" experience as the only female in the office.

Jamie Hinton, founder of Sheffield-based technology firm Razor, argues that brands need to address the leaks in their technology before turning up the dial on ad spend.

Andy Buchan, creative director at The Neighbourhood, gives his take on why offering staff free time to create their own projects can lead to profitability in the long run.


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