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At Prolific North we take a great deal of pride in supporting and guiding startups through the tough world of business. Discover some of the most innovative and exciting new startup businesses in the North right here.

Fair Custodian

Fair Custodian is committed to helping users understand and control where their personal data is being used online.

Betternotstop, Manchester

Betternotstop is the travel startup empowering professionals to see the world and invest in themselves.

Hasha Tech

Manchester's Hasha Tech works with agencies, start-ups and businesses to create inspiring user experiences that influence millions.


Avail works within the HGV and haulage industry as an open marketplace for drivers to find work, and logistic managers and hauliers to find drivers, through one simple booking platform.


The future of communication? VoiceIQ has created an AI-powered phone system to enable "unrecognisably better conversations."


Supply teaching can be a thankless task - but SupplyWell is committed to changing that.

Mustard Media's team

Mustard Media is a leading Manchester-based festivals and events accelerator which helps brands create, build and progress their events through strategic playbooks and beautiful design.

Yorkshire startup VidSnap has launched a brand-new online service set to revolutionise the way a bride and groom capture the moments of their wedding day.

Mente is the first digital multi-faceted one-stop solution for managing mental health in the workplace.

Leaf Grow

Leaf Grow was formerly known as, a music-focused social platform. It changed identities in 2018 to create Leaf Grow, a forward-thinking marketing platform making a difference to businesses of all sizes.


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