What it's like to work at twentysix

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by Josh Peachey

twentysix digital is a Leeds-based marketing agency who specialise in bringing brands to life online.

Their work includes campaigns that have generated 100 new blood donors in 100 days, and seriously boosted conversions for eCommerce clients. In the most recent Prolific North Top 50 Digital Agencies list, they were placed 10th and have won multiple awards at the Prolific North Awards, including Video of the Year and Integrated Communications Campaign for B2B Marketing. 

They regularly advertise their new positions on our Jobs Board, so we thought it would be a good idea to find out more about what it's like to work at twentysix. Juan Nicholls, the company's Copy Manager, has worked at the agency for five years. Here, he gives an insight into what it's all about...


There’s no such thing as a bad day when you work at twentysix...

Of course, there are always challenges, and problems to solve, and times when everyone is feeling a bit stressed, but we never let that ruin our day. We’re all in it together and we support each other through. There will always be someone asking ‘how can I help?’ 

As an integrated agency, our diverse teams intersect across projects from web builds to campaigns, so we get to work with many different people and benefit from the huge range of expertise in the twentysix offices. While we have tried-and-tested methods and solutions, we’re always looking for new ways to bring different talents and perspectives together to complement and improve a project, ultimately to provide a better service to our clients. It’s an exciting and dynamic way of working that makes the most of everyone’s skills and keeps us evolving our services.

With this variety of disciplines and ever-changing client needs, efficient collaboration across different teams and different parts of the agency is essential. Part of how we achieve this is through the design of our offices. Each floor has plenty of casual meeting spaces and breakout areas to encourage dialogue as much as possible – as well as providing great places to eat lunch and relax!

One of the joys of agency life is the variety of work we get to do, so no two days are ever quite the same. A typical week for a designer might go from creating a new look for a luxury hotel website to coming up with ideas for a captivating campaign for a clothing brand, to creating unique graphics for a client’s blog. An SEO strategist might travel to meet with a client to discuss performance one day, while the next they could be working with a copywriter or campaign manager to plan content creation.

Another major aspect of our everyday working culture is achieving the balance between autonomy and guidance. Everyone who works here is free to fulfil their role in their own way, and individual expertise is always respected and valued. However, you’ll also never find yourself standing on your own or left to figure things out with no support from your colleagues or managers. Guidance is always there when you need it, but seniority doesn’t automatically get the last word. After all, hiring someone for their expertise and experience and then just telling them what to do is a huge waste of talent.

Outside of client work, we’re always looking for ways to create and maintain connections between the various parts of the agency, even if they don’t naturally cross paths day to day. Knowledge shares are one of our favourite ways to do this, either with a couple of teams sharing what they’ve been working on with each other or getting the whole agency together to showcase a particular project, hopefully enhancing general understanding – and ultimately allowing us to spot opportunities.  

Our knowledge shares and all-agency meetings can often involve people from outside twentysix, sometimes from another part of our group or an industry expert, or perhaps just some pertinent TED talks. These events are a constant source of inspiration and can help you to step away from a problem or challenge and return to it with a fresh perspective or renewed drive.  

We also like getting together for less work-related activities, whether that’s going across the street to sit in the park on a warm day, taking part in a charity bake sale, or going to one of our three annual parties. We also have plenty of nearby options for how to spend your lunch break, whether you like to sit somewhere comfortable and read a book, play some Xbox, or head out for a walk. 

With our main office in the centre of Leeds, we have access to plenty of great places to grab some lunch or doing a little shopping – always useful for getting those little tasks done during the week. We’re also right next to the train station, which is very handy for those commuting in from the many beautiful towns and communities around Leeds.

Come into our office on any day of the week, and you’ll find us living this culture – an agency where we’re all about talent, collaboration, and always having a great day no matter what.


To find out what job roles are available at twentysix, check out www.twentysixdigital.com/careers.