A Week in My Life: David Plant, MD of Moirae Creative

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Moirae Creative is a full-service marketing agency, based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

The agency works across a variety of sectors, and work on improving the way businesses and brands communicate with their customers. As part of his role, David Plant is a “hands-on” Managing Director and works closely with his clients to ensure projects and campaigns achieve maximum impact.

Here, he gives an overview of how a week at Moirae Creative looks like...



I’m the odd bloke that likes a Monday morning, it’s just the buzz of starting a new week and the new challenges ahead. It’s always an early start in our house, my wife Stephanie and I tend to be wide awake from 6am, and we have two young children Mollie (six) and Miles (two) and once one is up, you can guarantee they will wake the other one up. As Stephanie does the school run, I tend to fly out the house for 7:30am and grab a coffee from the garage on the way to work - ready to embrace the week ahead.

We start the week with an internal SMT meeting, planning pipeline growth and agency development. My team are on board with my ambition to grow the agency rapidly in the next 12 months. We've just passed our 10th birthday and we have a great platform to build on.

My afternoon is filled with writing a detailed proposal for a client around internationalisation and their business expansion. We need to look at how we can serve their marketing needs from the other side of the globe – an interesting project!

I finish as usual just after 6pm. By the time I get home, the kids are in their PJ’s and it's story time on Mummy and Daddy's bed, this normally results in Steph starting to read the story, me making a joke about her lack of passion for the characters' voices, and me getting told to then read it instead if I think I can do better. 

Once the kids are in bed, Monday night is steak night in our house, so it’s a lovely grilled ribeye before watching a few soaps on catch up.


Not too early start today, out the house for 8am as Mollie is at school and Miles in nursery today.It’s pitching day today, so the morning is spent proofing a proposal and pitch for a strategic social and remarketing campaign for a wealth management company.

We head out to pitch in the afternoon and all but close the business in the meeting. I think it went really well and they loved the link up we can do between social ads, landing pages and remarketing. To us, it's second nature, but to clients, it's mind-bending witchcraft. They are really excited and just need to tick a few internal boxes but will get back to us Thursday. Exciting!

Tuesday always finishes with my PT session at the local gym, some people love the gym but for me, I’d rather skip it and go straight home and chill. But, needs must, and I know it does me well. It’s actually a good way to focus my mind and actually take my mind out of the business a little.

Home for 8pm, kids are in bed, and Steph has a nice pasta ready for us. Relax time.


In the office for an early start again today after the quick nursery drop – the coffee machine was broken at the garage though so proper grumpy now.

The mood is quickly lifted when the team arrives as one of the guys has had an email overnight about a large six-figure contact we've been asked to tender for. He gets straight on it and starts planning the responses out, tenders always take a lot of paperwork, but they can be good business if planned properly and managed well. We have 28 days to respond so plenty of time to ensure its perfect.

My afternoon is filled with reading tender responses of my own. I sit on the trustee’s panel for a local charity and we have been recently planning our annual cricket match, so have tendered out for the ground to local clubs and it’s my job to select the top 2 to bring back to the committee for selection. It’s great fun, and I enjoy giving something back. The meeting is in the evening so that pretty much took my time up.


Results day today, awaiting that all important call to see if we were successful in winning the new business. It doesn’t take long to filter through, and they don’t disappoint in calling us up at 9:30am to accept the contract and come on board as our new clients. We’re delighted and I am even more so for the account manager working on the project as they put a lot into it.

The ‘Moirae-Horn’ is sounded and the cries of “That's A Moirae” ring out from everyone in the studio – it’s a little thing we do when we land a new client, it creates a buzz, and shows we’re working as a team.

We get right to work and plan the campaign out in a little more detail now, booking in the time with the various studio sub teams and ensuring we deliver on time. A lot of admin to do as well in setting up of Google accounts, social billing accounts etc. The guys in the studio sort that part, they are wizzes on it.

I spend the evening looking at sofa’s, not very fun but we are about to move to a new house, so Stephanie insists we need to get one ordered this weekend, so we are not sat on deck chairs for 3 months.


Friyay, time to tie-up those loose ends for the week. We have a brain-storm meeting on case-studies for the new Moirae website, I also have some direct marketing to proof for us around a project we have recently won an award for. Friday tends to be one of those days that brings everything to a close for the week. Someone always manages to ask “what’s everyone having for the lunch by about 9:30am, and then office riot breaks out about the different fast-food options we can dine out on for our filthy Friday. It’s funny how in an office of 10 we always tend to have 10 completely different suggestions, and then no one can make a decision. We opt to spin the wheel on it, and the local chip shop comes up top, but then a riot breaks out over which one is closest to us. Eventually half then decide to opt for some fried chicken, a quarter go for fresh foot long sandwiches (not really a takeaway is it), and the other two decide to each go to a different chippy – open plan studio life is great isn’t it.

After my fish special (from the decent chip shop), I have a quick get together with my Sales and Marketing manager to go through a few sales forecasts and the new business strategy for quarter one.

My weekend is filled with sofa shopping (in which we didn’t decide on one), a trip to the wildlife park and a delicious local Sunday lunch.