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Gemma and Marc set up WXY with the aim of simplifying marketing services for companies. The business has been operating as a social media consultancy for over a year now after officially launching their site in March 2019.

WXY manage, deliver and execute social media work, they focus on getting your product into the hands of relevant audiences, creating content for your channels and making your paid activity more efficient... leaving no social stone left unturned.

Founders: Gemma Wieczorek and Marc Young

Founded: September 2018


We spoke to Marc to find out more...

Marc Young, Co-Founder of WXY

Why did you start WXY? 

Gemma and I set up WXY after spending a couple of years discussing the idea whenever we met for drinks. Our aim was to create a no-nonsense consultancy that gets real results for businesses, rather than just “opportunities to see” and “qualified coverage”. Instead, we want to tell brands that a campaign has generated a specific number of direct sales. 

Primarily from PR and content marketing backgrounds, we saw an opportunity to help brands increase their revenue as a direct result of social media activity. 

Tell us more about the model behind the company?

We started with the mantra; we’re not different, just better. Some seem to strive to be unique while failing at the basics. 

Additionally, we wanted to make buying marketing services as easy as ordering an Uber so when we launch we offered marketing ideas for £85 which could be purchased online. From then on, we’ve been busy developing an online shop of marketing products. 

We call ourselves a social media consultancy as that’s our primary expertise, but we’re increasingly being asked to create physical experiences that are backed by social media activity. That’s why we created our Shopper Marketing service and are currently in talks to implement several PR stunts and end-to-end campaigns. 

In short, everything that we do starts with the idea, and we don’t restrict ourselves by channel.

Where’s the business at right now? What exciting advancements have happened recently? 

We’ve launched, we have a clear offering, and are striving to make marketing procurement even easier for brands. Software as a service and the likes of Just Eat and Deliveroo changed customer attitudes on how we purchase those goods and services, and that’s what WXY wants to do for marketing services. 

We’re trying to remain open and continue adapting in line with the direction today’s brands heading. For example, following feedback, we’re about to launch a collection of solutions to help brands selling products on Amazon, extending their reach, driving traffic and increasing the likelihood of purchases.

"We wanted to make buying marketing services as easy as ordering an Uber..."

What are your aims for the next year? 

Our main markets are eCommerce and brands using online marketplaces like Amazon to sell. Additionally, we’re working in the entertainment industry and FMCG, especially new product launches. Our mission is to be the first port of call for emerging brands, and the team that major studios call to help with their next big release. 

What’s been the hardest thing about getting WXY off the ground?

Like starting any new business, there has been a steep learning curve. We spent 10 months in stealth mode, starting to work with brands while still nailing down our offering. We learned so much through juggling these elements, finding out what we wanted to do and, crucially, what we didn’t. That time before our official launch was key to help us find our feet and get used to working with one another. 

Why should more people be using or investing in WXY?  

We deliver exactly what we say we will, which is a complete end-to-end service. While that might not sound like much of a boast, it can be rare to find a consultancy where the directors are so hands-on throughout the length of a campaign. Additionally, we’ve built up great working relationships with those we’ve worked with so far, as well as one another. 

How much will it cost customers? / What can customers expect for their money? and why is it worth it? 

We always wanted to be upfront and completely transparent when it comes to pricing. Not only are we competitively priced, but we have no hidden fees. While this sounds like a given, we’ve come to realise that businesses aren’t always aware of what they’re signing up for and how much it will end up costing. 

Plus, there’s only two of us, so we’re not an agency with high running costs. By keeping things simple, we can keep our fees low. As mentioned, we carry out all project management and only call on external partners when necessary, such as animators, artists and even ice sculptors! 

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