April Fools' Day around the north

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DYes, it’s the annual groan fest that is April Fools' Day. Have you been caught out yet? Have we? It’s always a dodgy day to be manning the news desk when every email that lands could be a spoof.

I think we narrowly avoided some vital morph suit 'news' this morning…..

And then there’s always the chance that what appears to be a spoof is for real. (The Guardian headlines often provide a particular danger point for that scenario!)

So below are some of the Fools we’ve spotted around this morning - but we’d love to hear more - you can let us know in the comments below or tweet @prolificnorth or on our Facebook page. Come on, it’s only once a year!

Personal favourite so far has to go to Sheffield’s HR Media for their news about the city’s greyhounds being treated to music in order to improve their performance.

“Streamed through custom-made, canine-friendly head phones, the Olympic anthem, which has become synonymous with sporting success, ensures the greyhounds are on song when they sprint out of the traps.” Thanks for the tweet on that one.

Then there’s the news that “Yorkshire have announced that Headingley will become the first stadium in the world to install a state-of-the-art retractable roofing system in an ambitious commitment that heralds a revolution in the game.” ESPNcricinfo has the news on that big move for Leeds.

The Newcastle Chronicle has been asking readers for their Fools and I liked this one from Margaret Nicholson who says: "Loved the one on the local radio station, they were looking to relocate the Angel of the North and listeners had to recommend sites. People thought it was for real.”

In Manchester, well-known eaterie Sam’s Chop house has released an April Fools cartoon by Tony Husband showing characters clambering up hoardings in the city centre.

Owner Roger Ward told the M.E.N. the Metrolink he has done it to draw attention to the impact tram works are having on business.

Manchester-based Co-operative Electrical's ‘invisible watch’ got featured in The Grocer, Retail Week (subscription only) and the Mirror. I already have one of those actually, just didn't want to boast.......

And also, PR agency, Fourth Day PR has taken the unprecedented step of recruiting carrier pigeons as insurance against the rising threat of cyberattack.

In the Lakes, the Keswick Tourism Association Ltd (KTA) has announced plans to re-brand the destination of Keswick and its lake, Derwentwater. Both will soon be known as ‘Kesmere’.

Who's for a weekend in Kesmere?

Talking of wet weather...... the UK festival guide, Skiddle, will be riding its party bus to festivals around the country, including Leeds & Reading Festival and Creamfields, to provide some much-needed relief from downpours in the form of 10,000 pairs of 3D printed wellies.

In Warrington, there's this 'must have' innovation.......

You've got to love this idea - Wannabe Geordies from across the globe have been left disappointed, apparently, after The Chronicle’s new smart phone app, Geordify, turned out to be an April Fools Day hoax.

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