Havas PR jumps on board with Voyages-SNCF

Stephen Chapman's picture

Voyages-SNCF, the online channel for the French railway system, has brought in Havas PR to raise its profile in the UK.

The corporate PR brief will be led by board director, Nigel Hughes:

“Voyages-sncf.com is an industry-leading e-commerce travel brand with a strong business story to share, especially as it builds on its current position as the UK’s leading provider of European rail tickets with its digital innovations and experience in ticket sales for European high speed rail.

“We are really pleased to take on the challenge of this brief ahead of Euro 2016.”

Voyages-SNCF, a subsidiary of SNCF, is seeking to establish itself as the European leader in “smart tourism” and position itself as one of the leading travel companies in the UK. To do this, Havas will be promoting its digital innovations.