Tasty Thai contract for Manchester’s CBJWT

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tasteinc Chicken tonight?

CheethamBellJWT has been appointed to handle the brand strategy for Taste Inc, part of the huge Thai conglomerate CP Foods.

Quay Street based CBJWT will be handling its brand strategy, advertising, social media and SEO work with the first campaign focussing on 'Doing something good in 90 seconds' under the strapline Good Food Fast.

David Bell, CEO of CBJWT, said, "Microwave snack brands have adopted a laddish tone of voice which is both unappetising and at times uncouth. We're going to make Taste Inc. famous for bringing chicken burgers and baguettes to the microwave based on the quality of the product."

The UK Taste operation, which is based in Newmarket, produces chilled, on-the-go foods designed for the microwave. The range currently includes 12 products such as burgers, sandwiches, baguettes and ciabattas. Taste Inc. says the products use only 100% whole chicken breast fillet.

Ruth Entwistle, Brand Manager for TASTE INC, said, "The TASTE INC brand is fundamentally about enjoying good fast food without compromise. CBJWT will join us on our mission to champion the chicken, improve quality standards and thereby grow the sector."