Liverpool’s Gerrard is the face of Xbox One

Stephen Chapman's picture

Liverpool captain, Steven Gerrard, is fronting the global advertising campaign for Microsoft’s new Xbox One console.

The fight for games console domination will be hotting up in the build-up to Christmas, with both the new Xbox and Sony’s PS4 being released within days of each other.

Alongside Gerrard in the Microsoft campaign will be Zachary Quinton, who’ll be appearing in his Star Trek, Spock guise and a series of animated characters from games titles.

The budget for the Invitation campaign is reportedly $100m and the online marketing begins today before rolling out in the USA at the weekend and the UK on Monday. It will use cinema, radio, digital and social advertising as well as promotional events.

It’s using the “Invitation” message to underline Xbox’s position as an all-in-one entertainment system, calling it an “invitation to a new generation, where your games and entertainment are no longer separated."

England captain, Gerrard, is also the face of VisitBritain’s “Great” campaign, a partnership between the tourism organisation and the Premier League.

Edelman off-shoot JCPR handles the UK public relations for Xbox.