diva creative launches ConnectingWiltshire.co.uk

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by Nick Jaspan

Connecting WiltshireSheffield agency diva creative has launched a new travel website for Wiltshire council, www.connectingwiltshire.co.uk, which offers information and advice about various travel options available in the county with a focus on sustainable travel.

In addition to more standard travel info about bus and train schedules, users are encouraged to explore other options such as cycling, walking and car sharing. Diva has also incorporated a localised 'weather widget' which it is hoping to further encourage visitors to 'get on their bikes'.

In parallel with the launch of the site, diva has also produced a marketing strategy and a communications plan, all within the umbrella of Connecting Wiltshire. As part of the communications plan, diva is working with the council to manage a number of road show events which are planned for the end of September.

In addition to the road shows, the communications plan will also see travel advisors door-to-door visits to local residents and a dedicated social media campaign is being created.

Steve Dupree of diva said: “We have now worked on a number of bespoke web portals for sustainable travel projects. This new website has been designed to be responsive and easy to use across a range of devices, including smart phones and tablets, which is crucial in appealing to people on the move.

ConnectingWiltshire.co.uk has put everything in one place, so whether you’re a driver, a cyclist, a walker or a bus or train user, there is something useful for you.”

The site has been financed by money that Wiltshire Council secured from the government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund.