F*** the Funnel - A virtual roundtable with Leeds agency Boutique

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F*** the Funnel - A virtual roundtable with Leeds agency Boutique

The traditional AIDA marketing funnel is nearly 100 years old and despite the common belief that it is no longer relevant, it remains alive and kicking and in regular use by marketeers and agencies.

In reality, it no longer represents the buying process and lacks an appreciation of two key elements: the emotional buying process and the real impact of ‘top of the funnel’ advertising, assimilation.

It’s time for a new model.

Leeds agency Boutique, in partnership with Prolific North, will host a virtual roundtable - provocatively titled F*** The Funnel - next month to give a first insight into its new model for marketing.

It will take place at 10am on Wednesday November 3rd and anyone is free to attend virtually.

During the hour-long session, Boutique - named Small Integrated Agency of the Year at the recent Prolific North Champions Awards - will take a deep dive into their new marketing model, the result of years of exceptional work across digital, PR and media.

The roundtable will discuss the role of each channel and how to marry the emotional and rational elements of marketing to build successful brands.

It will also cover the subject of ‘assimilation’, or how brands enter the psyche of the consumer to drive sales and create assimilation with the consumer.

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