Northern Growth Forum in partnership with Alliance Manchester Business School

Northern Growth Forum in partnership with Alliance Manchester Business School

Growth is a subject that's central to all business leaders, no matter the size of their organisation.

That's why Prolific North, in partnership with Alliance Manchester Business School, is hosting an exclusive half-day conference to drive partnerships and knowledge sharing.

Join us at this unmissable event to take part in curated roundtables and hear from high-level speakers. CEOs and directors from companies of all sizes will be taking part, networking and sharing ideas.

The event will finish with an expert panel discussion bringing together the topics of conversation that have arisen. We're offering business owners, MDs, CEOs and founders the opportunity to participate, by simply filling in the form at the bottom of this page.


Here's how the day is set to be laid out. Every attendee is given the chance to take part in two of the roundtables outlined below, and you can select your preferences in the form on this page.

- Complimentary breakfast and welcome from Alliance Manchester Business School.
- First set of roundtables.
- Regional speaker.
- Break for coffee and networking.
- Second set of roundtables.
- National speaker.
- Lunch and panel discussion bringing together the points of each roundtable.


The roundtable titles will be as follows. Each attendee is given the opportunity to take part in two separate discussions.

Financing the North - Today, there are dozens of venture capital firms in Manchester alone. Is Manchester now a genuine European centre of growth - and can the business community capitalise on this opportunity?

Innovating through Tech - Innovation has to lie at the heart of a region that's witnessed the invention of the computer and the splitting of the atom. How can companies harness tech to transform working practices and disrupt their sectors?

Communicating to the market - The pace of a company's growth is inextricably linked to the success of its attempts to communicate its proposition to the marketplace. How should a new company navigate this critical stage of its journey?

Recruitment, Retention & Apprenticeships - The North is increasingly seen as preferable to London as a place to work and invest. But rapid technological change has presented considerable challenges. With employees demanding more than ever before from employers, recruiting and retaining staff is a growing issue.

Health & wellbeing in the workplace - There's never been greater awareness of the ways the workplace has ingrained an anachronistic or even harmful means of earning a living. How can a growing company foster equality and wellbeing yet bolster productivity and its bottom line?

Leadership & Culture - What is leadership and culture in 2019? Hot-desking, perk-chasing, flexi-time employees have vastly different expectations from those of a decade ago. We'll cover whether there's such a thing as an optimal boss or a preferred culture, and how companies can derive instant returns from subtle culture tweaks.

To sponsor one of the above roundtables, please contact Rebecca Waterhouse

Simply call 07747 604039, or send an email.

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Since there are limited spaces at the Northern Growth Forum, not all submissions can be accepted. Where possible, we want to give every participant their first choice of roundtables, but we cannot guarantee this. Those whose applications are successful will receive a confirmation email shortly with acknowledgement of this, while information about roundtables will be confirmed at a later date.

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