The Digital Catapult develops breakthroughs for the UK’s data sharing movement. Our first Centre opened in King’s Cross, London in November 2014 and there is now a growing network of Digital Catapult Centres and communities across the UK.

We spark pioneering collaborations and marketplaces and accelerate economic growth and productivity for the UK. From running pilot projects through to large scale initiatives, the Digital Catapult takes actions to fix real problems and enable innovation to happen with impact.

All our work is in collaboration with others – startups, scaleups, universities, innovation clusters, businesses, the public sector and other not-for-profits. We never work alone.

The Digital Catapult Centres provide entrepreneurs, SMEs, academia and corporates with a space in which they can work, meet, collaborate, showcase and work together to benefit their business growth and the wider UK digital economy.

Using stories from the UK’s best digital businesses we will demonstrate the huge impact that digital innovation can have on UK business and public sector organisation, we focus on four areas of opportunity: 1. Sharing closed data between organisations, 2. sharing personal data in a way that’s secure and trusted 3. sharing licensed data more simply and 4. sharing data generated across the Internet of Things.

Our flagship Centre in London provides an exciting new space for innovators, businesses and academia to showcase their projects, and to connect and collaborate. We have since launched local centres in Brighton, North East & Tees Valley, Yorkshire and Northern Ireland to achieve our aim of working across the UK.

We’re growing…. and fast! But we need to if we’re going to achieve our aim, so we need YOU! Energetic, creative, influential and somebody who gets things done.