Amaze is a leading, full service digital marketing, technology and commerce consultancy and was born 20 years ago inside the Learning Methods Unit at Liverpool John Moores University.

We’ve never really employed ‘staff’. We don’t have ‘team members’. And you won’t find us using the word ‘employees’. That’s because our people are far more than an anonymous collection of job titles.

They’re smart people, talented people, fun people. They’re people who enjoy doing brilliant, challenging work and still enjoy each other’s company when the work’s done.

Ours is a world where we can put together a half-decent band from across the company at pretty short notice. We can field more than one largely injury-free football team at a time. And come the annual cake-bake, you’ll see our soggy-bottom based competitiveness in full flow.

Being part of Amaze means lots of laughing, lots of learning, lots of sharing and, let’s be honest, lots of hard work – but then that’s the way we love it.

If that’s the way you love it too, we need to talk.