Manchester start up creates cashless tip jar

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by Stephen Chapman

A Manchester tech firm has launched a crowd-funding campaign to create the world’s first  mobile, cashless tip jar.

TIPITTipit allows customers and waiting staff to send and receive tips to and from a bank account.

“Eight years ago I happened to be on a receiving end when working as a waitress in a restaurant. I could see how unfairly our cash tips were treated,” explained founder, Renate Kalnina.

“There was no transparency and nothing I could do to get the money I deserved for a great service. I know that the service was great because customers were writing on checks asking managers to give me a big tip. That didn’t happen, as the tips were split equally across all waiting staff.”

“Now I am at the giving end and I have found myself in embarrassing situations when I don’t have any cash to leave a tip. When a tip is paid through card machine, it goes to the business and is hard to follow. There is a big trust issue and people choose not to leave through card machines unless they know restaurant very well. That’s why I came up with an idea for Tipit!”

She explained that while still in the early stages, money from the crowdfunding campaign would enable Tipit to have a real-time trial this summer.