Aldermore highlights £100bn of "lazy" cash in Delineo campaign

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by David Prior

Manchester agency Delineo is behind a new campaign from Aldermore Bank that seeks to highlight £100billion in surplus cash held by SMEs in the UK.

Research from YouGov found that over a third of small businesses are keeping their surplus cash in unrewarding current accounts, with 34% having no idea what interest their funds were getting.

Delineo's ‘Lazy Money’ campaign brings to life a 'Lazy' pound and tells the story of how money can be made to work harder in a business.

It has launched on YouTube Trueview, online display, native content and social activity, and there's also a game designed to break the inertia businesses have towards their savings.

Watch the ad on YouTube:

Sam Rowlands, board director at Delineo, said: "By offering a significantly better deal on their savings accounts, the campaign is aimed at encouraging businesses to reengage with how to make more from their business cash.

"It has tapped into the insight that businesses are switched off to savings. We’re aiming to break that inertia, dispel myths and inspire them to do something about this missed opportunity.”

Simon McGuinness, head of savings marketing at Aldermore, added: "Many business owners simply don’t realise they can get substantially better rates of interest on their business savings by moving them away from their main banking relationship.

"Delineo have developed the Lazy Money campaign that taps into these insights, with a highly disruptive, challenging creative idea to break this inertia and developed the story of Lazy Money through content and social channels."

The campaign was created by creative directors Leigh Sheridan and Andy Bunday and produced by Red Pencil, with animation by Red Door and assets created by artist Grace Du Prez.

Delineo also works with Faith in Nature, The Professional Golfers’ Association and The Co-op.